EM•X Sea Salt

EM-X Gold Sea Salt
100 g (3.5 oz)

EMX Gold Sea Salt
Case of 10 pouches, FREE SHIPPING
$179.00 ($17.90 each, no shipping charges for case orders)

List Retail Price: $21.99 each
List Retail Case Price: $169.92 for case of 10 pouches

To get the most out of each pouch and make it go a long way, mix one pouch (100 g, 0.22 lb) of the EM-X Gold Sea Salt with 1 pound of regular (less expensive brand) sea salt. Or mix at a ratio of anywhere from 5% to 30% depending on your preference.


An all natural sea salt treated with EM-X Gold and EM Technology®.

This sea salt is uniquely harvested during a narrow time slot at every full moon. We know how the moon gravitationally creates the ebb and flow of the high and low tides. The full moon also has a gravitational effect on sea water that are denser. At specific intervals, during full moons, sea water is harvested at a depth of 200 meters in the Okinawan sea. Impurities are not found in the collected sea water.

After a natural process that includes using EM-X Gold and EM Technology®, the EM-X Gold Sea Salt is produced.

Salt in general is needed by the body for their minerals. Sea salt in general contain minerals and trace minerals which may have been stripped from the ordinary table salt. Table salt may not only be stripped of minerals and trace minerals, but may also contain additives, including sugar, anti-caking components or potassium iodide. Table salt is mined from some land-based source while sea salt, which is considered Kosher, is extracted from the ocean.

EM-X Gold Sea Salt not only maintains the benefits of sea salt in general, but also has the benefits from the type of sea water it has been harvested from, as well as, the use of EM Technology.

Purchase EM-X Gold Sea Salt now and stop missing out on the benefits of this great tasting seasoning!

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